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all environments are invisible.”

Post-Digital (Post) Povera it is about defiance and appropriation just as it is about conformism and exploitation. In short, is about reality.


‘Post’ here should be understood as a continuation of the ‘Digital’ epoch and its effect on the day-to-day experience. Its difficult to pin point what exactly is a Post-Digital (Post) Povera Art piece due to its particular ‘birth’ heritage from the Post-Digital and the Arte Povera.


While its ‘aesthetics’ have many resemblances with Arte Povera, its core ‘concept’ relay mostly on the search for orienting alternatives to counter the current trajectories of digitalization in the Post-Digital epoch. Questions this tendency towards automated and accelerated modes of experience and how it affects structures of reflection and critique.


Its focus is on creating emotional experiences that provide the audience with the ground to be critical about the 21st society of spectacle in the new ‘technocracy’ age.


By questioning how the mediation of our social constructions through objects will affect human experience, knowledge generation and lateral thinking; it is characterized by creating alternative and immersive narratives, or same to say, to create an anti-environment to contrast with the current one.


Post-Digital (Post) Povera is a reaction to the ‘minimalist’ ‘technocracy’ aesthetics and

de-construction of the human experience. (Meeting the girl of your dreams has more depth than swiping left or right in the Tinder app!)  or  (A living being is more than a sum of big data sets!)


It does it by re-contextualizing, re-appropriating, re-using, re-hacking, artifacts and materials

as/in the process of construction of new meaning(s) – an exercise of ‘exformation’ and ‘mediation’

of meaning(s) through media. Usually contrasting unprocessed materials with references to the most recent consumer culture.


It invites the spectator (audience) to participate on a personal yet inheritable collective experience. Making use of the entanglement and synergies between the tangible and the intangible, the objective and the subjective ‘reality’ of human perceptions. Enabling a very personal experience with the artwork.


Post-Digital (Post) Povera emerges out of the intention to create dialogues, to create space for discussion and reflection in the creation of ‘micro-utopias’. “They neither turn their backs on technology nor glorify nostalgia, but their high-tech honeymoon is over…”

This project is a collaboration with my colleague Vinny Montag from RCA.